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Rite now i’m unemployed cos i’ve to finish my study majoring accounting, doin my final intern report. i hope i’ll get my title soon, in august maybe. so, i juz spending my time in my room wif my laptop all day all night, listening to my playlist, again, doin that suckin report. and i know, after doin that report, there will come another torture, studying for ujian akhir sarjana  aka the almighty comprehensive exams (so comprehendly shit!)… i’m so bored wif these activity… i’m so scared for every tomorrow of my day… totally hate it!

My life revolves exactly like some pieces of i’m only sleeping lyrics…

… everybody seems to think i’m lazy

i don’t mind, i think they’re crazy

running everywhere at such a speed

till they find, there’s no need

please don’t spoil my day

i’m miles away

and after all

i’m only sleeping

keeping an eye on the world going by my window

taking my time

lying there and staring at the ceiling

waiting for a sleepy feeling

please don’t spoil my day

i’m miles away

and after all

i’m only sleeping

» The Beatles – I’m Only Sleeping «

» The Vines – I’m Only Sleeping «

(click the link to listen & download)



  1. bagus nich, re…emang tampaknya mewakili perasaan orang-orang yang sudah berkepala dua and masih mencari jalan hidup (terlebih karier) yang mana yang lebih enjoyyy…mo’nya terus aja i’m only sleeping…

    • tidur saja kawan…

  2. bwahhahaa. pare ‘a girl who never find the right time to sleep’ serius tapi santai aja kawan.

    mengutip (gatau dr mana).. hahaa..

    • hwa… hidup kalong dah cing…

  3. yah kaga bsa uplod gambar yak?

    • au nih payah! wordpress kapan2 gw aduin ke surat pembaca kompas.

  4. hahaha.. orang2 kyk gini nih yang gw butuhin si saat2 menjelang kompre..! gak bikin panik..! hehe..

    gw JOIN THE CLUB deh re..!! hahahaha..!

    • yea… ENJOY THE CLUB may… =)

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