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Hi there, I’m Fara Elmahda aka PARE (felmahda is my cyber name, yeay!).  I’m 23. I’m an almost a recent graduate at from University of Indonesia majoring in accounting. Begin in Jan ’09, I do dual job, as an auditor and a freelance graphic designer. Peculiarly, I enjoy working in both two fields. I haven’t decided to where I’ll be more concern.  I just enjoy all the thrills from that two… Lately, due to my leisure (insomniac) time,  i do this blog… Well, for me life’s about being productive all the time… just not to be understood, tho!


Uhm, if u wanna ask me to participate on your project… Just buzz me on or nudge me on… I’ll be so damn ecstatic then, lol!

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  1. heeeemmmmm….U ar so great felmahda. thank’s so much 4 design my logo

    success for ur future

    • thx bro huda… suxes jadi manager cing!

  2. jjaaaa…
    untung hari-hari lu gak niat doang…

    • kek seharian itu di rumah lo… nonton i am sam ma bolt doang… hari-cuma-niat-doangan… hehe

        • belil
        • Posted May 30, 2009 at 12:23 am
        • Permalink

        eh tapi bolt nya kan sumpah-keren-abis!
        eh ga ding, sumpah-lucu-abis! hehe.
        alaahh. nangis aj lo bdua ntn i am sam.

  3. U’re really damn Talented!!haha
    Let’s being more commercial galz..

    • thx dear bro… maybe later, sumbody will make a movie bout me >> Talented Ms. Pare… and the beautiful Keira Knightley could play the role of Me…! (lollolol)
      okay then… im waitin for ur new project… count me in laaah ^^

  4. order buat design undangan merid yaa…ntr foto2nya gw kasih lu. OK

    • oke. kirimlah segera.

  5. Coollll…

    MultiTalenteDDDD abiessss…

    kreatip pisan,,aseeekkkk…

    Tar ajakin gw kLo bikin company designny y re…



    C u then in everywhere…

    • definitely tut, maybe in about 5 to 10 years ahead. u will join me, no matter what lah tut! it’s a must! c u evrywhere, folk!

  6. pare gaul dah

    • G4UL G4UL lebih tepatnya 😀

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