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Category Archives: Art

On behalf of Saga production, i do the design for Pawarta Jatim bulletin… it’s a some kind of gathering held by east javanese community who lives in Jakarta… here’s the bulletin cover that i made… a beautiful piece!


earlier version : rejected

I actually really love this version… but, the boss didn’t like it! they said that this lack of ‘jawa timur’ nuance… they said that instead of wayang, they prefer Reog Ponorogo, Karapan Sapi, and Patung Surabaya as the cover images… as you wish lah boss!

So, i made the revised version… cos i felt that my dsgn would be overload, i only use Patung Surabaya…


final (lame&sux) version : approved!

I super hate this version, esp cos the boss want it to be green (ijonya partai PPP! howex…) WAY SUX!!!!! my design looks so cheap & lame & UGLY!!! surprisingly, the boss love it (wat??)… but it’s ok, after all, just like teteh Nicky Astria always said, “ouwow, lagi lagi uang!!!”, i enjoy the ‘honorarium’nya so much lah… ♥