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highly recommended: Watchmen…

by the recommendation of my movie-geek-friend-so-called-mister-BobDaulay, i’m very eager to watch this movie. besides, i really like 300 (the same director of watchmen) and i saw the review in said that sin city, the dark knight and v for vendetta is similar to watchmen. somehow i could’t find any folks who wanna join me to watch this movie, i decided to go alone. cos it was saturday, the teather’s been so crowded. sadly, the line in front of me was full with moms and kids in their lap. o my gosh! it was so noisy noisy noisy… annoying… but i tried to chilled out…

the scene and the song

the movie started with the Comedian being killed in a long, tense and action-packed scene with louis armstrong’s unforgattable as the background, the blood and the song, so twistedly cool!  after this scene comes the brilliant intro montage (with ‘The Times They Are A-Changin’ in the background), which introduces the Minutemen and helps newcomers to pick up on the story. in my humble opinion, that montage was my fave scene of the movie, esp when comes to the assasination of those heroes and JFK, super historical!!!! then, i was in love with the backsound in the Comedian burial scene… sound of silence by simon & garfunkel (lately, i find out that this song came from the ‘the graduate’ movie in 1967). but actually, i don’t like the scene, too boring!

hail to the mask…

moreover, there’s an interesting character, Rorschach, a joy to watch. Rorshach  is a man who finds meaning in patterns that may only exist in his mind. he also defined justice like the mafia. the whole story line’s based from his journal. for me, this guy was freakin amazing.

all in all Watchmen…

everything that comes after this is in one word overwhelming… the movie was so for 18+… the nudity of Dr. Manhattan (it was blue!),  Silk Spectre & Nite Owl also nudes when they hooked up!!! whoaaa, the bloodie blood!!! brutal killing!!! that movie was rockin!!! also makes the moms line in front of me screams too… (bahkan sampe istighfaran, cing!). despite of all that, i really thought that this movie’s failed in special effect. it less comical than i expected… but still… this is a GREAAAATT movie… it’s not another superhero movie… it’s worth talkin for… ♥

“Give me back my face!”

– Rorschach