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Graduate, that I’m becoming the new fish in town, yeah! Now, I’m officially being an older smart ass high accomplish kind of girl! S1 akuntansi from another kind of realization of hell on earth: FEUI campus… hehe. Bolehlah pongah dikit ama gelar. Koma S.E., Cing!!! I feel that tere’s God! There’s hope! This practically the answer of all my prayer just then! Thank God… I can see clearly now! Ha-ha…

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MTB : Most Top Bachelor

Behind the note: Getting my first job… After almost three weeks me being rejected on the Chevron’s panel interview, they called me again yesterday morning. Said that they need one more person. Am I the luckiest person in the world? Damn, I feel good. Even I once feel kinda ilfil, it’s Chevron, Cing! Masa gue nolak rezeki, sih! Such an ungrateful creature will I be? Alhamdulillah, I hope this is for the best, first job gw sebagai sarjana. Just like My Beatles said when starting a new day: GOOD DAY SUNSHINE…

» The Beatles – Good Day Sunshine «

(click the link to listen & download)
e kuliahnye bagi gw Cuy…

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